Thursday, September 5, 2013

Former Homosexual was Molested as Child - Delivered by Jesus Christ

Sexual Molestation and pornography are the root causes of Homosexuality, - but Jesus Christ brought freedom and healing and change from the inside out went He became the Ruler (Lord) from within. After being raped in 4th grade, Kegan entered a life of homosexuality and drug addiction, until Jesus Christ changed his life.

There are so many silent victims of molestation living within American society who feel trapped in thinking that they never asked for. Over the past hundreds of years, pedophiles have tried to silence their young victims in so many ways. Some are threatened with bodily harm to themselves or their loved ones if they ever reveal the dirty secrets of the abuse to others. Others are bribed into silence or made to feel like they are the ones to be blamed for the abuse and they are shamed into silence. But there is a cultural silence in America artificially created public peer pressure (no different than what people may have experienced in high school) by various influential figures such as politicians, talk show hosts, sitcoms, college professors, sex ed teachers, and the talking heads in news and the entertainment industry. Years of propaganda whether it be from Phil Donohue to Oprah to Jerry Springer, along with the social-engineers within our media, have created the public psychological conditions to ignore or make light of the direct triad relationship between pornography and child molestation and homosexuality. It doesn't matter if 90% of molesters received their college education from public education, the issue is that we live in culture that doesn't value the life of its children. ie. Consider America's brainwashed tolerance for butchering the innocent child in the womb. We live a culture that pushes them into making adult decisions and having adult experiences before they can just enjoy the experience of innocence being a child and teen without being victimized. It's time for a cultural makeover. One's behaviors and tendencies are shaped by their adopted beliefs, little choices the person makes each day and cultural experience imprinted of them from the actions of others. But Jesus Christ has the power to set people free from every sin and can break every chain!

Freedom from homosexuality - Kegan Wesley

Today's pedophiles and sexual deviants are using YouTube and social media to groom the next generation into homosexuality. Most of today's homosexual promoting activists are in public child molesters and sexual predators. They don't care how many childrens minds are warped by their filth, because they have allowed themselves to be driven and controlled by the demonic. In order to keep the public silent all they needed to do was get enough people in the next generation viewing and becoming addicted to pornographic videos and images and get enough young and old people experimenting with homosexuality in one way of another until the morality of a large portion of society lowers its personal moral standards and they lose their convictions. People are silenced because there standards and values were merely based on nothing higher than the collective opinions of the most outspoken people of the day. These were silenced because they became participators in the very same sexually deviant behaviors whether people noticed them or not. God's standards on the other hand have value because they are eternal and backed by God's Holy nature and are enforced by Himself. But God doesn't quite on people. Through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, repenting and surrendering one's life over to Him as Lord (the Highest Authority and the Owner of all) we allow God to demonstrate His power to save the soul from sin and allow us to experience the change that God alone can create from the inside out. Today God wants to clean out the secrets from everybody's closets and give you a brand new life with Him that begins now and continues on into eternity.

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