Saturday, March 16, 2013

Watching Porn Linked to Gay Marriage Acceptance

According to the Washington Examiner on February 4, 2013, a researcher discovered that there is a direct correlation between those who consume pornography and the acceptance of Homosexual Marriage.  There is no doubt in that this study is accurate.  There is a long history of evidence that demonstrates that pedophiles try to corrupt the minds of their victims to set them in the mode of acting out whatever they see.  These pedophiles "FREAK-A-FY" their victims with images and public displays of nudity to victimize the conscious of their young victims to sow the seeds of perversion to act them out later.  This is what makes homosexuality vampire-like.  Once these poor young victims are exposed to vulgar images, they are susceptible to gender-confusion as they grow into adulthood.  The social crisis of fatherlessness in America along with the increased availability of hardcore pornographic images and videos on the internet has contributed to a wide-spread moral crisis in America that will literally affect the conditions future families within America. 

Watching pornography is desensitizes the mind and places barriers to healthy relations with the opposite sex.  Pornography devalues turns both men and women into sex objects of another person's fantasy.  It scars the mind leaving behind emotional and psychological damage that may take years and decades to recover from.  Pornography triggers the very same addictive chemicals released in the brain similar to cocaine usage.

The Story: New scholarly analysis suggests that the more exposure heterosexual men have to pornography, the more likely they are to support adultery, pre-marital sex, and same-sex marriage.There is no delicate way to say this: Exposure to pornography softens opposition to same-sex marriage among the largest group of naysayers, heterosexual men. The Background: A new scholarly analysis suggests that the more straight guys, especially those who are less educated, watch pornographic videos, the more they warm to same-sex marriage. The reason: Porn opens their mind up to accepting non-traditional sexual situations, like gay sex.

"Our study suggests that the more heterosexual men, especially less educated heterosexual men, watch pornography, the more supportive they become of same-sex marriage," Indiana University assistant professor and study co-author Paul Wright told the Washington Examiner.

"If people think individuals should be able to decide for themselves whether to have same-sex sex, they will also think that individuals should be able to decide for themselves whether to get married to a partner of the same-sex," Wright added. "Since a portion of individuals' sexual attitudes come from the media they consume, it makes sense that pornography viewers would have more positive attitudes towards same-sex marriage." In a related study published in the American Journal of Media Psychology, Wright found that males who have recently consumed Internet pornography are more likely to approve of premarital and extramarital sex. This was the case even after for controlling for the contribution of age, ethnicity, and religiosity. What It Means: [Note: The following contains a frank, though not graphic, discussion of the effects of pornography.]

Although previous studies have found a connection between consumption of pornography and acceptance of premarital and extramarital sex, Wright's analysis appears to be the first to show the connection to attitudes about same-sex marriage. The new study, while novel, is not surprising since a number of other studies have established that sexual media consumption is a precursor of sexual beliefs and behaviors. These studies outline a general rule—call it "Carter's law of deviancy acceptance"—that any behavior frequently portrayed in pornography will eventually gain broad acceptance within society. (I would define "broad acceptance" as at least 30 percent of the population engages in the activity, accepts it as normative, or finds it morally neutral.)

Pornography has already shaped cultural views on a wide range of behaviors, from grooming to body modification, so it's not surprising that it would affect views on homosexual marriage. More Christians need to recognize how pervasively pornography affects and shapes cultural attitudes. Our failure to acknowledge this reality leads us to adopt outdated rhetorical strategies. Consider, for example, the "slippery slope" argument. While there is nothing inherently fallacious about slippery slope arguments (they are merely a form of inductive argumentation), when used in discussion of sexual behavior they invoke a metaphor—a slope—that is misleading.

Take, for instance, the slippery slope claim that acceptance of same-sex marriage will lead to acceptance of polygamous marriage. The argument relies on the idea that if supporters of same-sex marriage recognized the connection, they'd reconsider their position in light of their opposition to polygamy. But this implies that same-sex marriage supporters have an intellectual, rather than merely rhetorical, opposition to polygamy. They do not necessarily. In fact, many of them will now willingly admit that they have no problem with plural marriage as long as they are based on consent. The reason for this new-found acceptance is largely due to the portrayal of polygamous sexual activity in pornography.

When a person has been exposed to thousands of images of an particular human behavior it becomes impossible to consider such activity as "unthinkable." It becomes accepted on the individual level and later, when people recognize that other people are okay with it too, accepted on a societal level. This means that any activity widely accepted in "mainstream" porn—adultery, homosexuality, group sex—will eventually, and likely within 20 years, gain acceptance in mainstream society. Fortunately, the corollary is that behavior that is still on the fringes of pornography (e.g., nonconsensual sex and sex with children) is less likely to gain general acceptance—at least until it becomes more accepted by porn users. While same-sex marriage is a real threat to marriage and our culture, it is relatively benign compared to the other behaviors our porn-saturated society is becoming conditioned to accept. There are horrific behaviors accepted within "mainstream" porn—such as adult incest—that are already being accepted by individual porn users and thus soon could be accepted throughout society. That is why the most useful metaphor is not the "slippery slope" but the "meme" (an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture). Rather than sliding down a slope we are merely waiting for the diffusion of an idea to spread from a group of individuals (i.e., porn addicts) to the larger population. For as novelist William Gibson once said, "The future has already arrived. It's just not evenly distributed yet."
Reference: Study: Watching Pornography Increases Support for Adultery and Same-Sex Marriage

I don't care how the media and silly little talk shows make it out that Homosexuality is normal, it isn't and it will NEVER be normal regardless of the all the psychological conditioning using sitcoms and Jerry Springer. The whole thing is a fabrication from Communists who have been infiltrating America for over 80 years now to destroy the American Culture. Even Putin is now seeing the results of homosexuality as the radical Islamic Population is now beginning to rise and the Russian population has gotten weaker and lower. The communists have not only promoted Homosexuality, they have also Promoted easier divorces and social-engineered a society though secular media where divorce is now fashionable and common without regard of the Children who are the greatest affected by it.

When the vile death-style of Homosexuality wipes out generations of viable future families with marriages of once viable young men and young women, we will not only experience a national decline in morals and the destruction of the family unit in America, we will experience a cultural decline because these people are warping the young minds of the children just as prisoners have done to new inmates.

Homosexuality is a sex-addicts lifestyle that destroys the family, manhood, womanhood, and childhood in order to mock at God's divine order and destroy the future generations of humanity. Many times youth are bent toward to same sex because they were exposed to sexual images of the same sex during puberty while lacking a father figure at home. This emotional disorder is spread primarily by pornography and child molestation from the same sex. Then feelings of rejection from the opposite-sex have perpetuated this unhealthy dysfunction into adulthood.

The shameful history of the homosexual has left nations less populated, sicker, and emotionally and financially drained. Even the vast majority of their leaders per capita have fought hard the preserve the STD curse on the earth, while taking pleasure in destroying the minds of children with despicable acts of lewdness and molestation.

Hollywood has been full of pedophiles for generations as a result the actors now have pushed the homosexual death-style on the rest of society reproducing more porn addictions, homosexuals, gender confused youth incited as the result of seeing a video on you-tube rated for everyone but had a website that made them curious, only to find out it introduced them to the dysfunction of porn addiction and homosexuality. These perverts now use places like YouTube to entice children victims into wrecking into their lives and healthy relationships with the opposite sex by using disgusting images and videos that have only created new victims of porn addictions which are stronger additions than that of crack cocaine.