Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Why Teens Say That Being Gay Is NOT Okay ~ Today, young people in high school and young adults are being told that they are born gay however they now learn that most don't really believe the propaganda anymore from first hand knowledge and from unfortunate experiences. So many fake happy cultural public masks that are being used to cover up the real pain, depression, sense of loss and confusion ones' poor decisions have caused and others have inflicted upon them have real life long consequences. Deep inside they wish someone out there, in a creative way, could have warned them or presented another alternative to the well funded propaganda machine of the homosexual activist movement. However, so many times the knowledge of an alternative to the alternative lifestyle is intentionally banned, censored, and misjudged by the well-connected, rich and powerful special interest groups who don't care about those who never wanted to or asked to be groomed into the gay lifestyle in the first place. Today, it's time for their voices to be heard and their wishes to be realized.

Like cultural cult leaders, activists seek to groom young people into it, then tell them that they can never leave it. They lie to them that they were born that way, meanwhile the very steps and approaches pedophiles and sexual deviates of every age use to taint, scar, and bend them emotionally are made light of and ignored. Anytime teens or young adults who were once in the homosexual lifestyle and decide to leave it or renounce it, they are publicly harassed them, mercilessly ridiculed, verbally attacked, boycotted, physically assaulted, called viscous names, and given death threats until they are silenced or even killed by the very homosexual activists and cultural marxists that hypocritically demand tolerance. Ultimately, such behavior is totalitarian, not an American, which would celebrate and individuals freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, personal liberty, freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought, freedom of decent, and not restrict or censor the freedom of information.

Those molested and violated as children have kept their secrets hidden, but now truth is coming out of the closet. There is a another side to this story, socialist billionaire-funded media front groups and social engineers never wanted the public or the Next generation to realize. Both adults and children can be groomed that way unless their moral compass and convictions overcome the fabricated disinformation campaign against them. A growing number of people young and old feel cheated from what could have been and now are joining forces with millions to admit and warn others how gender-confusion and a persons feelings can be misguided along to way through cultural subversion.

What would happen to a nation's population within 25 years when an ever increasing number of the next generation no longer have natural affections for the opposite sex and are addicted at an early age to pornography? What will it do to marriages and the American family? What will happen to America's patriotism and our national value and respect human life when ideologies of moral relativism and secular humanism becomes the ONLY worldview institutionalized and made legal? Show me a nation that is consumed with such things, and I will show you the European nations with negative population growth and aging populations filling cities, a nation filled with apathetic, violent crime taking the lives of youth, and a nation filled weak, divided, citizens who are to self-absorbed to even care to stop those from the outside that want to destroy our take over our nation. It can be said that America's greatest national security crisis is its moral crisis. The American family is literally disintegrating before our very eyes and our culture is rotting from inside out as entire generations and family-lines are (not only being wiped out by abortion) but now as men and women abdicate their moral responsibilities as a fathers and mothers so goes the future of our nation.

The destructive censorship waged by cultural Marxists in America is designed to silence and criminalize all those opposed to America's demoralization, subversion, and collective cultural breakdown; in order, to eventually make the nation weaker in every way, cause citizens to be too apathetic and self-absorbed to care about the condition of the future generations, outlaw a love for God and country in America, trick Americans into giving up their constitutional freedoms and liberties, and ultimately assure that America is too divided and chaotic to be a threat to those who seek our destruction. Everyone makes choices every day and must deal with all its consequences. Since homosexuality is a choice, it's always okay for people to identify themselves as straight.

"People that are spiritually suicidal have no problem with policies and agendas that result in and guarantee their nations self-destruction." - HMH

These monsters have used our talk shows  and entertainment industry to warp and confuse the minds our sons and daughters with their lewd images and videos, especially among those THEY KNOW are growing up without fathers in the home (whose responsibility is to provide a masculine identity for their sons).  Homosexuals reproduce themselves by way of molesting or abusing those of the same sex.  The American people as a whole must confront and push back against this without fear. If we don't, the epidemic of the break down of our society as healthy homes go into extinction and America goes the way of the Roman Empire.  The Roman Empire, was weakened and eventually destroyed by there own idleness as fewer and fewer people replaced their aging population making them more susceptible for attacks from the outside; because the United States (like the Roman Empire) aborts so many generations of our future and rampant homosexuality weakens the males and destroys America's husband wife family unit.  It's a shame that so many americans are not even aware that the Homosexual agenda had originally been funded by the communists inside and outside America.  Meanwhile the typical American of this generation is too drunk on their ignorance and despicable sexual addictions to care.  Well I care and so should you.