Monday, October 22, 2012

Gay from 6th Grade Now Free

 CBN.comNathanael Flock: Around sixth grade, I started getting homosexual attraction and started feeling the condemnation and the shame without anyone saying anything. It’s just kind of understood in the church that it’s not acceptable. It’s not good. It’s not right.” I started reaching out to people online. It was a safe place, because they didn’t know what I really looked like. I could go into forums and be anybody I wanted to be -- just to find out if there were other people like me. Freshman year in high school, I started telling the people I was closest to.

He mentions how pornography and chat rooms was once became apart of his life as a child.   Nathaniel Flock realized he was attracted to guys in the 6th grade, but was able to break out of the gay lifestyle, marry, and have children.  Nathanael Flock is with I-hop ministries being a positive impact the lives of others.

Nathanael Flock
Homosexuality and the Spirit of Might

Breaking Free From Homosexuality

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Gay Pedophile, Dan Savage, Tries to Groom High School Students

Public Schools who invite Dan Savage to their Public schools are endangering children.  The very same propaganda and tactics that child molesters used to entice children and teens are being used by Dan Savage to groom his and other pedophiles new young victims.  It's amazing how Public Schools will invite him to educate students about sex acts while taking biblical passages out of context before High School assemblies without question.  However, if Public Schools are not willing to allow Pastors and Ministers to teach from the Bible during school assemblies, why would they allow Dan Savage to teach it and promote the Gay Gene Hoax.  Today, Dan Savage pushes his old racist Democrat bigoted agenda against Blacks by making up lies that the Bible promotes slavery.  Slavery was a societal reality and cultural evil; it was NEVER not a divine mandate!  Therefore in order for Dan Savage to justify his perversion, he feels it necessary to slander the Holy reputation of the One and Only God who inspired the Bible by way of distorting and misinterpreting scripture contextually.  Dan Savage doesn't know the Bible, and is both unqualified as as its expert and he lacks the intellectual capacity and honesty to speak in a public setting.

Perhaps these despicable and poor examples of quality high schools are far too incompetent in educating their students to see through the stench of their own hypocrisy. No wonder thoughtful and caring parents are taking their student out of Obama's failed public system in getting better results in private, charter, and Home School where they focus on Education and not creating victims of sexual exploitation and aiding to the delinquency of minors.   It's no wonder our public schools are producing poor results academically; the homosexual "bowel" movement has been given free access to the recruit the next generation into the next generation of child molesters by promoting gay pornography and dysfunctional unhealthy lifestyles that warps their minds into sexual addiction, as well as, the breakdown of the Family Unit in America by Same-Sex Marriage.

The Socialist History of the Gay Agenda

Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Gay Gene Hoax

The Born Gay Hoax and the Homosexual Agenda's History of Shame

Science has confirmed that homosexuality is “culturally transmitted, not inherited." Ryan Sorba exposes the lies and deception of the Homosexual movement that the liberal media, Hollywood, and the entertainment world refuses to report about. Ryan Exposes the devastating affects homosexuality has on every society it is practiced and promoted.

One of the most common studies homosexual activists cite when they make the absurd claim that people are “born gay” was conducted in 1993 by pro-gay activist Dr. Dean Hamer and his team of geneticists at the National Cancer Institute. Hamer and his colleagues reported that a “gay gene” seemed to be maternally linked and could be found on the Xq28 stretch of the X chromosome. Hamer’s genetic study played a key role in a massive public-relations campaign designed by Harvard-educated and Madison Avenue-trained homosexual activists Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen. I refer to this campaign as the “born gay hoax.” …

Upon learning that Hamer’s “gay gene” study was a hoax, one might assume that if other researchers were to attempt to replicate his experiment, including his control group, they would fail to obtain the pseudo-scientific result that there is a “gay gene.” This is exactly the case. The New York Native article continues: “… [A]t least one lab that has tried hard to replicate his findings has been unsuccessful. ‘Only one independent laboratory has reported attempting such a replication, and it has found no evidence to support Hamer,’ Crewdson reported. ‘We can’t reproduce Hamer’s data,’ said George Ebers, a neurogeneticist from the University of Western Ontario, who has searched unsuccessfully for a Hamer-style genetic link to homosexuality in more than 50 pairs of gay Canadian brothers. In fact, Ebers found the genetic markers cited by Hamer in “exactly half of his brother pairs” according to Crewdson – precisely what the laws of chance would predict, if the “markers had no significance.”

The fact that Hamer’s study cannot be replicated confirms reports that Hamer lied about his results. In 1998, another group of researchers (Sanders, et al.) tried to replicate Hamer’s study as well; they also failed to find a genetic connection to homosexuality. Then, in the Aug. 6, 1999, edition of Science, George Rice and George Ebers published a review of Hamer’s study to go along with their previous attempts to replicate his findings. The scientists stated that the results of Hamer’s study “did not support an X-linked gene underlying male homosexuality.” They found that the brothers observed by the Hamer group were no more likely to share the Xq28 markers than would be expected by mere chance.

By this time, Hamer had already conceded that his pseudo-scientific study did not support a genetic cause for homosexuality, in the Jan. 30, 1998, edition of the Washington Blade. He also conceded that homosexuality is “culturally transmitted, not inherited,” and that “there is not a single master gene that makes people gay. … I don’t think we will ever be able to predict who will be gay,” he said.