Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Porn Star No More: Former Adult Film Star Crissy Moran Returns to Christ

So when and how did things change?

Moran: In October 2006, I had prayed to God in desperation, asking him to show me a sign. My life was surrounded by tragedy—suicides and drug overdoses among people in the industry. The hopelessness caused me to look at my own life. I was crying out to God, but at the same time I was rebelling. I wanted God to prove himself.

And did he?

Moran: Yes. Two days later, I was visiting the set of a TV show my then-boyfriend was working on, and I ended up talking to one of the crew members. He asked me what I did for a living, and eventually I told him the truth. He asked, "Do you believe in God?" It was the first time in years anyone had mentioned God to me. This man went on to tell me that I was worth more than what I was doing. I went outside and asked God back into my heart.

How long did it take you to quit the adult industry?

Moran: I quit right that moment. I told my boyfriend that night. We were living together, and his first question was, "How are you going to pay the bills?" I told him that I was going back to Jesus and he laughed. I broke up with him.

The people who run my website refused to take it down due to the contract I signed, but I never accepted another dime from the site. I totally went broke because I hadn't saved up any money. In my financial struggles, I have learned to lean on God and trust that he will provide my needs. And he has.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pornography Influenced Serial Killer Ted Bundy: His last Interview

The serial killer, Ted Bundy, confesses just before his execution how pornography and his addiction to it motivated a downward spiral of decadent behavior. Pornography has a destructive effect on men, women, and children. This is an eye-opening interview with Ted Bundy, a monstrous serial killer who was captured and placed on death row for murdering women. May we do everything in our power to keep it from our homes and hold ourselves accountable with others. Pornography opens the door to slavery to unclean spirits that will eventually lead those bound to their death and possibly the death of others.