Monday, October 22, 2012

Gay from 6th Grade Now Free

 CBN.comNathanael Flock: Around sixth grade, I started getting homosexual attraction and started feeling the condemnation and the shame without anyone saying anything. It’s just kind of understood in the church that it’s not acceptable. It’s not good. It’s not right.” I started reaching out to people online. It was a safe place, because they didn’t know what I really looked like. I could go into forums and be anybody I wanted to be -- just to find out if there were other people like me. Freshman year in high school, I started telling the people I was closest to.

He mentions how pornography and chat rooms was once became apart of his life as a child.   Nathaniel Flock realized he was attracted to guys in the 6th grade, but was able to break out of the gay lifestyle, marry, and have children.  Nathanael Flock is with I-hop ministries being a positive impact the lives of others.

Nathanael Flock
Homosexuality and the Spirit of Might

Breaking Free From Homosexuality

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