Monday, December 5, 2011

Homosexuality is NOT Normal: It Can Lead to Child Molestation

Homosexual Father and Son Both Sexually Molest 6 year old Boy

Another example how the Homosexual reproduces himself by molesting children of the same gender and why it should be publicly frowned upon. The Facts of this case.

Homosexual Father and Son Molest 6 year old boy When will our society WAKE UP stop buying into the homosexual propaganda? Homosexuality will NEVER be normal.
The Pornography that these men and women are addicted to is only feeding this demon of perversion until they are completely taken over and possessed to commit the most heinous and unspeakable crimes against humanity, as well as children.

Like Father Like Son: The Edenfield Horror

The homosexual movement is trying to hide the fact that Homosexuals reproduce themselves through pedophile behavior. Homosexuality is a vampire-like dysfunction. The molesters father abused the Molester when he was a child and now he became the molester of this little boy. The homosexual movement lies to youth by saying that they are born that way so that these twisted sex ed teachers and homosexuals can abuse them too. The point is that this is a spiritual problem and only authority Jesus Christ and work of God's Holy Spirit can bring the freedom that such people so desperately need. Psyche wards and medication only tranquilize this reoccurring problem, but what they need to do is confess what they did and what's inside them to the One and Only Holy God and ask God to create in them a Clean heart in Jesus' Name. Today is the day ... do not delay!

Proof Your Soul Exists and It's Destination


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